Precision Renewables can provide many pre-construction services to developers as well as owner/operators. Our staff has decades of experience with utility interconnects and we can help streamline the interconnect process by consulting with our clients or communicating directly with the utility. Many of the pre-construction services we offer include:

  • Preliminary site visits and constructability analysis
  • Geotechnical investigation and reporting
  • Site topographical study and modeling
  • Utility tie-in investigation and reporting
  • Preparation of preliminary array layouts including production modeling using the latest computer technology
  • Generation of high level engineering documents and one-line drawings
  • General consultation for all projects from straight-forward to extremely complex



Precision Renewables is partnered with well qualified engineering firms, each of which have extensive experience in utility scale solar design and engineering. Our experienced construction team reviews all drawings for accuracy, quality and constructability to reduce engineering time and to allow for clean construction drawings. Through our partnerships we offer design and engineering services from conceptual design to as-built drawings of fully installed products.

  • Electrical Design & Engineering (DC/AC/MV/Comm.)
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Civil Design and Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geotechnical Exploration, Analysis and Engineering



We realize the dynamic procurement needs of our clients which may require the contractor to provide out-the-door procurement or may only require the contractor to supply Balance of Plant material which may not include modules, inverters, transformers, etc. Our flexible approach to procurement allows for many options and we will be happy to assist in the procurement of customer’s owner supplied material with regard to vendor negotiation, logistics, receiving, etc.

For full EPC projects, we have the ability to procure tier 1 modules at very competitive pricing and our flexible markup system will allow our customers to limit their exposure to intermediate procurement costs.

Regardless of the procurement scope, we supply only top quality material that meets or exceeds the lifetime requirements of each project as a whole.



Precision Renewables has a highly qualified staff of on-site managers and foremen who oversee and manage the construction of our projects in a professional and quality-minded manner from initial mobilization to final commissioning. We employ a self-performance method for the majority of construction activities which allows us to maintain full control of the project schedule as well as the overall quality of installation. It also allows us to meet the requirement of many projects which include the mandatory use of a high percentage of local labor for project construction.

Our self-perform approach differs from that of our competitors who primarily subcontract all facets of a project. The subcontract method may be effective in certain circumstances but inherently adds another layer of markups and puts much of the schedule risk on the shoulders of any number of subcontractors. By self-performing much of our work we control our own schedule and efficiency and in turn are able to pass on the cost savings to our customers.



In addition to EPC and BOP construction, we also offer Construction Management services for our clients who are seeking professional oversight and management of their construction partners. Our experienced managers will provide a measure of confidence for the owner who is not well positioned to internally staff the oversight of outsourced Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities. Through our management, observation and reporting procedures, our clients can rest assured that their EPC dollars are being spent wisely.